Read about the safety and security features included in Deftouch app

Read about the safety and security features included in Deftouch app

Online games are fun and exciting, but often, people avoid online gaming because of safety problems. They think that the cash rewards offered and players in the games are fake. But not all online gaming apps are unsafe. Many gaming apps ensure maximum safety by verifying each user’s profile. If you are looking for a safe app to play, Deftouch and GetMega are the best choices. 

Deftouch is a safe gaming app that offers online games with massive cash rewards. It is built solely for cricket fans. There are not many games available to play, but you can partake in different cricket tournaments and matches. 


Deftouch is an entirely legal online gaming app. It is a 100% verified platform for gamers. It provides a safe and secure gaming environment to all the participants. The app assures that every player is a real player, and no bots are allowed. Also, the game requires skill and technique to win, and not a single game can be won by luck. This makes this a secure platform to play. 

To assure the safety of the participants, a strict verification process has been implemented by Deftouch. To play, each player has to add relevant information to the profiles. Since this is a multiplayer app, you can ensure that other players are real and not fake. 

Deftouch has unique features like the Leaderboard feature. You can get all the information and tips about the latest tournaments and matches on the leaderboard. The leaderboard has separate sections to choose from as per the requirement. The rankings on the leaderboard are based on winnings. 

The interface of Deftouch is built to make it accessible for all age groups. All the information regarding the play can easily be found in the interface. You can play with your opponents with a simple user interface. You will find all the scores and take part in the games on the app with this easy interface. 


GetMega is a popular gaming app and website known for Rummy, Poker, Warship, GoPool, Dots & Dash, etc. GetMega is 100% safe and verified. It is a member of the All India Gaming Federation; therefore, it assures that the platform is safe and secure for all its players. All the machines of GetMega that are Random Generator machine and Shuttle machine are certified by iTech Labs, Australia. It ensures high standard safety and fast gameplay. 

It only allows profiles that are thoroughly verified. Games on GetMega are played with skill and knowledge, not by luck or chance. GetMega is also RNG certified. 

Besides safety, GetMega has a 24-hour leaderboard for card and casual games. Task winnings and overall performance determine the rankings on the leaderboard. You can top the leaderboard by winning or simply by playing more games. GetMega offers cash rewards of up to 1,00,000 and gadgets like mobile phones and gold coins for the top ten players. 

GetMega’s interface is accessible and user-friendly. You can play games horizontally and vertically. For games like Carrom and Poker, you require vertical gameplay, and for Rummy and GoPool, you need horizontal gameplay. 

You will find an interesting Audio-Video feature in GetMega. With this feature, you can interact with your team members with an HD-quality video and sound system. You can play more than eight games with this feature. 

If you want a seamless gaming experience with modern features, GetMega and Deftouch are highly recommended. Playing these games will enhance your gaming skills along with a chance to win real money and incentives. You can choose any of these apps to play games with your friends.

Wish to play cricket like a pro? Download Deftouch and make your own team now! Sharpen your skills and win more money from the app. Experience the smoothest and most lag-free UI with the best sports fantasy platform. The developers have made sure to make the gameplay challenging while keeping a simple UI. So, why not try it yourself?