Double Bonus Spin Roulette Review

Double Bonus Spin Roulette Review

Double Bonus Spin Roulette has become a popular form of the game. The layout looks much the same as standard American roulette. The difference is in a yellow pocket with the letter B inside.

This bonus space on the wheel gives any bet two chances to win. The pocket is 50% larger than other pockets. Players can place traditional and bonus bets on the wider yellow pocket. Players who land the ball in the yellow pocket get a bonus of two free spins and an instant cash prize.

Place your bets

Gun Lake online casino features a variety of thrilling gaming options, including online slots and online roulette. When playing Double Bonus Spin Roulette on their website, you will focus on the yellow section of the wheel. You can expect a good return if you place straight bets on this section. You will use the chips on the screen to bet and watch the results. The game is only available via desktops or laptops and loads instantly in the browser, so no download is required.

The rules and odds

IGT not only offers this roulette variant but has around 3,000 gaming titles, from slots in local casinos to online video poker games. In this variant, if the ball doesn’t land in the yellow bonus spot, all bets other than the bonus bet pay the standard roulette odds, and the bonus bet loses. If the ball lands in the yellow bonus space, you get your initial payout and go to a bonus spin.

Bonus spin

The roulette wheel splits into two wheels numbered the same way as the wheel for the initial spin. Where the ball lands on the inner wheel decides one winning outcome, and the outer wheel that stops directly above the ball determines a second winning outcome. A player will win 120 to 1 if one of the bonus wheels lands on the bonus spot. No other roulette game offers such a way to win and make money online. You literally double your number of opportunities to win with a free spin on the two bonus wheels.

Advanced bets


Players can place advanced bets in this variant of roulette. For example, they can place multiple bets with a single click. This may be black splits, where two black squares next to each other share a side, or red splits, where two red squares next to each other share a side.