Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies

Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies

Betting strategies for greyhound racing can be mind-blowing and profitable when approached with a well-planned strategy. Lotus365 provides the best odds in the market on greyhound racing. This is an exhaustive guide to betting strategies in greyhound racing that will help you understand the odds, make intelligent bets, and recognize value on the toteboard.

Understanding Odds

Odds are fundamental in betting as they represent probability and determine what one stands to win after their bet. In greyhound racing, there are several ways through which odds can be presented including fractional, decimal as well as moneyline.

Fractional Odds: These odds are common in the UK where the profit relative to the stake is shown. For instance, if you stake $1, odds of 5/1 means that you win $5.

Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are popular in Europe and Australia because they show how much players get paid (including their original stake) per unit staked. Thus, if it’s 6.00 then you get $6 for every $1 bet.

Moneyline Odds: Moneyline odds are commonly used in America to show how much one should bet in order to win $100 (negative numbers) or what one wins from a bet of $100 (positive numbers).

Knowing how to read and interpret these different representations of odds is crucial while making informed decisions about betting.

Placing Smart Bets

Smart betting goes beyond picking your favorite greyhound; it involves some careful analysis and strategic planning. Here are tips to help you make smarter bets:

Study The Form Guide: The form guide provides detailed information about each greyhound’s past performance; recent races, finishes, track conditions etc…notice trends such as consistent placements/recent wins/performance on similar tracks…

Analyze The Trainers And Kennels: trainers’ reputations and kennel histories give us little glimpses into future race success by individual dogs…top trainers have proven methods & well-conditioned greyhounds.

Consider Track Conditions: The condition of the track can dramatically affect a greyhound’s performance. Wet or muddy tracks might favor certain greyhounds over others. Be ready to modify your bets in line with the race day track conditions.

Evaluate Race Distance: Different greyhounds excel at different distances. Make sure to consider whether a greyhound has performed well at the distance of the race you are betting on.

Look For Value Bets: These are wagers that have odds offered that exceed their actual probable outcome. Identifying value bets requires a deep understanding of the sport and the ability to spot opportunities where the bookmakers may have misjudged the odds.

Recognizing Value In The Tote Board

Tote board offers real time information on betting pools and odds that can indicate value.

Watch for Late Money: Late money refers to large bets placed just before the race starts. They can change the odds as well as show confidence from smart punters.

Compare Odds Across Platforms: Compare several  platforms for your better value options in terms of winning when gambling online.

Monitor Pool Sizes: Pool sizes have a bearing on matters of stability in odds, larger pools usually have more stable odds while smaller pools tend to be quite volatile; hence, bigger pools are better when it comes to payouts.

Identify Overlays: An overlay is when a greyhound’s odds are higher on the tote board than its actual chances of winning. These offer great value betting opportunities.


Successful betting on greyhound racing takes some research, analysis and strategic planning. You can make your better off by knowing the odds, placing smart wagers, and identifying good bets on the tote board. This will improve your betting experience as well as give you more chances to win. Visit us at Lotus365 Sports Betting